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B2B Web And App Development

Deep Technologies is committed to providing exclusive packages for B2B Website Development + Android Mobile Application Development. We have combined both of these with attractive website designs, effective performance, and better usability. It helps your business to perform the same task, but Better, Faster, and Smoother.

The corporate world around us is in a constant state of progression and technology is the key to keep pace with it. To stay current, a business must use innovative concepts and the latest technology. BY creating a B2B Website and Android Application for your business, you are setting yourself up for success in the current market.

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B2B Customised Website Development Package

Android Standard Android Professional
Solution Code Andriod1 Andriod2
Admin Control Panel
Customer Order Management -
Customer Control Panel
Sign UP & Registration -
Product + Quantity Order -
Customer Past Order History -
Member Management
View Products
Search Products
Unlimited Categories & Sub Categories
Unlimited Products Uploads
Color & Size Wise Product Upload
Product Zoom Effect

B2B Web Technologies

B2B Php Web Technologies
B2B Web Technologies
B2B HTML Web Technologies
B2B jquery Web Technologies
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Key Features
  • Low Investment and High Return On Investment
  • Helps to reach huge audience
  • Easy Customization
  • Faster, Efficient and Reliable
  • User-Friendly Processes
  • A complete end-to-end online solution
  • Ease and convenience of access
  • Helps to Improve Customer Services
  • Decreases customer acquisition cost
Development Technologies
  • Core PHP & MySQL
  • Core in Android Studio
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