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Google Workspace (G Suite)

What happened to Google Workspace (G Suite)?

Google has been shutting down the free service since June 1, 2022. By taking advantage of this service, known as Legacy Free Accounts. Small and large businesses will have to pay per user and convert their accounts to paid plans in the Google Workspace (G Suite)

Who will trouble?

For those who used a service like Gmail or Google Drive on their domain, this change has caused great embarrassment for personal or business use.

Google has not given such people an easy way to turn their data into Google's free account, and even things people have purchased from Google's legacy account cannot be turned into a free personal plan. So people are likely to go for Google's paid plan or choose another Google Workspace (G Suite) alternative.

How will we help you?

When there is a shortage of time, we will help you migrate the data from Google Workspace (G Suite) to other email service providers, or if you don't want to leave google services, we can help you with your billing.

Google Workspace (G Suite) vs Microsft 365 vs Zoho Workplace vs 10 GB Mail

Google Workspace
(G Suite)
Microsoft 365 Zoho Workplace 10 GB Mailbox
Plan Name Business Starter Microsoft 365 Business Basic Standard Plan Business Basic
Stating Price ₹125 per month per user & renew at ₹210 ₹125 per month, per user ₹75 per month, per user ₹30 per user, per month
Mail Storage 30 GB 50 GB 30 GB 10 GB
Cloud File Storage 30 GB, Google Drive 1 TB, OneDrive 10 GB, WorkDrive 10 GB, Disk
Email Interface Gmail Outlook Zoho Mail WebMail
Email Sending Limit Per Day 2000 1000 300 500
Email Attachment Max Size 25 MB sending, 50 MB for recieving 150 MB 500 MB 30 MB
Video Conferencing Google Meet Microsoft Teams Zoho Meetings -
Video Conferencing Max Members 100 300 10 -
Word Processing Google Docs Microsoft Word Zoho Writer Microsoft Word
Spreadsheets Google Sheets Microsoft Excel Zoho Sheet Microsoft Excel
Word Processing Google Docs Microsoft Word Zoho Writer Microsoft Word
Presentations Google Slides PowerPoint Zoho Show PowerPoint
Mobile App Versions
Multi Factor Security

FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions

Email hosting is a dedicated service that works independently from website hosting. So even while getting everything set up, your business will still be able to operate at full scale

As Google has evolved G Suite into a more integrated experience across our communication and collaboration tools, Google has rebranded to Google Workspace (G Suite) to more accurately represent the product. vision

All Email provides custom email for your business and includes collaboration tools.

  • Google Workspace (G Suite) provides Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and more
  • Microsoft 365 provides Outlook mail, Calendar, Onedrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams etc.. and
  • Zoho bundled Mail, Calendar, Writer, Sheet, Show, Drive, Cliq, Meeting ,Tasks, Notes, and Contacts

Every business have different needs so you can compare services that fits your business needs.

Of course! You can migrate your data yourself or If you run into trouble with the migration at any point, We also offer email migration with one time charge to help you out!

Yes, you can, and we can help you in that you just need to contact us so we can discuss this further.

Best Google Workspace (G Suite) Alternatives


Hybrid Email Service

Choose multiple email services for your company - all using the same domain name!

Google Workspace (G Suite) + Microsoft 365

Google Workspace (G Suite) + 10 GB Email

Microsoft 365 + Zoho Workplace

Google Workspace (G Suite) + Zoho Workplace

Microsoft 365 + 10 GB Email

Shift a portion of your workforce to another cost-effective email platform without changing your current email provider or domain. You decide which employee uses their existing email platform and which employee you want to migrate to another. This decision has a lot of advantages.

10 GB Mailbox

It is important to build trust among customer for startup, small and big size companies, having your domain in your email address is a great way to build trust but it is difficult to do this budget.

We at Deep technologies understand this, so we present you our cheapest and feature rich 10 Gb Mailbox email solution with that will not break your budget.



Zoho Mail is a secure, business-oriented email solution that can handle all of your business requirements. Zoho Mail is much more than just an inbox or email. With top-notch collaboration and communication tools like Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Contacts, Zoho Drive and much more, Zoho mail can increase your business total productivity and value. Deep Technologies migrate your Google Workspace (G Suite) data to Zoho at a discounted price.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has long been the industry standard for corporate productivity. It offers cloud computing solutions that allow corporate functions to be accessed and collaborated on remotely and real-time. It comes with commercial software online/downloadable, including Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and many others. Deep Technologies migrate your Google Workspace (G Suite) data to Microsoft 365 at a discounted price.


If you want to continue with Google Workspace (G Suite), then go with our low price Google Workspace (G Suite) plan


Google Workspace (G Suite)

As a Google Workspace (G Suite) Partner, Deep Technologies provides Google Workspace (G Suite) deployment management services, data migration, mobile device integration, change management solutions, and other services to assist businesses to meet their specific business requirements. We guarantee to provide a cost-effective, user-friendly collection of tools that will make it simple for your team to interact.

Why us?

Deep Technologies is a google cloud partner, and we offer the services at a discounted price. Our support team is known for their best work. If you have any queries feel free to contact us.

Our hybrid email solution is the best for small and large businesses that pay per user. We will migrate your Google Workspace (G Suite) data where you want without getting into any trouble.

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