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SEO - Local SEO

SEO - Local SEO

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Ever since the advent of the Internet, geographical boundaries have become quite blurred. Everything can be accessed through a click of the Internet, and yet Globalization demands Localization. Having said that, each business and service provider, be it a small, medium, or large scale enterprise is making its mark through digital presence. And, this is exactly why such businesses need Local SEO to make them more visible, relevant, and prominent.

Google is amongst the leading platforms used for making Local searches. However, Bing, Apple Maps, and other relevant platforms also drive considerable traffic to local businesses. Of everything, Google My Business is prevalent when it comes to Local SEO. From local business listings to reviews and citation and content creation, there are numerous facets that make up for a successful Local SEO. And, these individual aspects when integrated appropriately through the use of correct keywords and strategies are bound to bring relevant traffic to your doorstep.

It’s been proven statistically that Local SEO increases the foothold of business by offering them a targeted clientele base. Well, ours is a Local SEO company and with our years of experience, we can vouch for the Local SEO practices and the benefits it is to bring you. It is as important as regular SEO and more so if you are serving a specific geographical area.

Well, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to deal with technical aspects of SEO. Better leave the task of leveraging your business with Local SEO upon Local SEO experts. At DEEP IT, we offer a comprehensive range of Local SEO services that would help you gain a proficient growth rate in your business. Moreover, we assure you of the measurable difference with our Local SEO services at a competitive and just rate.

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So have you made your business listing competent to Local SEO guidelines?

Check this list of service offerings and get a detailed insight along with prices.

Google My Business
New Account Creation ₹ 2160
Profile Set-Up ₹ 2160
Addon per product / post
(If material given by client)
₹ 240
Addon per product / post
(Material designed by Deep Technologies)
₹ 900
Bing Places
(If Google My Business Setup Complete)
₹ 2160
Local Citation
(If Website Available)
₹ 1500
Google My Business Website
5 Webpage Design ₹ 18,000
Additional Page Design - Per Page ₹ 1800
Domain Name Registration ₹ 900
Note :-
  • 100% Advance Payment
  • Photographs, videos, and content should be provided by the client.
  • 18% GST Tax extra (for Indian customer only)
  • 9% PayPal + Forex cost extra (for out of India customer only)

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